3 Easy Steps to open a multi-currency account

You can send and receive the foreign currencies you deal in using a multi-currency account. Say goodbye to dealing with annoying conversion rates and transfer fees, managing several foreign currency accounts, and open multi currency account for your business to expand. It is both simple and secure, thanks to strict security measures. Enjoy a multi-currency account’s convenience and adaptability.

open multi currency account

Justification for Opening a Multi-Currency Account

  • Accounts in local money

Open your multi-currency account and use the dashboard to see all of your accounts and transactions. Take advantage of simple online transactions in various currencies, including GBP, USD, EUR, CNY, AUD, and more.

  • Secure

You may access your accounts from anywhere, knowing we have them safeguarded for your protection.

  • Electronic payments

We provide a multiple beneficiaries fast payout solution in single payment order. Automate payments to save time when paying recurring vendors.

  • Affordable Rates

Keep the desired currency for as long as you like. With our low rates, you can save on transfer costs and exchange rates.

  • Expense locally

Pay your suppliers through your local accounts to avoid high conversion costs and receive the currency they demand.

It only takes three simple steps to open a multi-currency account.

Some websites don’t charge hidden or monthly fall-below fees to open a multi-currency account.

It serves as a single, integrated account for all payments and loans. By offering simple and affordable banking solutions, the multi-currency account is dedicated to assisting Singaporean SMEs to thrive internationally. Create an account today for borderless commercial transactions.