AMOA – Laguna Gloria Art Library for Standing Memories

One of the most gorgeous and famous art libraries in the Austin Region is the Laguna Gloria Art Library, which is an Italian style manor that was initially the home of Henry and Clara Driscoll Sevier, and is arranged on the shores of Lake Austin in the west-focal Austin region. The first home that later turned into the library was worked in 1916, and is recorded in the Public Register of Memorable Spots; the library was the principal home of the Austin Library of Art and was named for the normal tidal pond which was initially viewed as part of the Colorado Stream preceding the development of Lake Austin. The land on which the first home was assembled had a place with Stephen F. Austin in 1822, and he expected to fabricate a home there himself, yet never did, and his relatives later offered the property to Hal Sevier, who was the proofreader of the Austin American Legislator, and his new spouse, Clara Driscoll, in 1914.

The Seviers finished their home in 1916 in the style of an Italian Estate in the wake of venturing out to the Lake Como area of Italy on their vacation, and following quite a while of cultivating and establishing trees, blossoms, and foliage, Clara Driscoll gave the homesite to the City of Austin for the new library. In 1961, the house was switched over completely to an art library and started offering art classes and displays and different occasions and attractions to the general population. In 1983, 5,300 extra square foot office was fabricated explicitly for the art school, and in 1992, the library changed its name from Laguna Gloria Library to the Austin Library of Art, albeit after four years the Austin Library of Art migrated to Congress Road in midtown Austin. Notwithstanding the move, Laguna Gloria stayed home to the Art School, which in 2003 was redesigned once more and added show lobbies highlighting nearby and local art, among different displays.

Laguna Gloria is right nearby to Mayfield Park, a beautiful park contiguous the Driscoll Manor which is likewise on the Public Register of Memorable Spots. Laguna Gloria is found only west of the crossing point of Circle One, otherwise called the Mopac Freeway, and West 35th Road, and is likewise exceptionally near Kunstuitleen Camp Mabry, another neighborhood Austin fascination and noteworthy army installation. AMOA-Laguna Gloria, as it is presently known, offers open air and indoor settings, and is arranged on twelve sections of land of grand and painstakingly finished grounds, a mile of which are on the coastline of Lake Austin, and the library is just 15 miles from downtown Austin and the fundamental Austin Library of Art structure on Congress.