Use of Paragard IUD can go wrong sometimes and make the situation worse for the women using it. If anything turns out wrong for you or someone you know, you can talk to lawyers and seek help regarding the matter. You must be eligible for any lawsuit against the manufacturers of the device. You must know the details of the facility before turning it to a legal matter.

What is Paragard IUD?

Paragard IUD is a device used by women for birth control purposes. The Paragard Intrauterine Device is an all-in-all medical product used for birth controlling. The device helps the women to control reproduction without any hormonal treatment for a long term period. This plastic base device is surrounded with a copper wire. Copper produced reaction produces an inflammatory reaction within the uterus to interfere with sperm from doing its job.


As the IUD is 99% protective from pregnancy, for more than 10 years, women prefer to use the product for secure sex life. The manufacturers provide guarantee as the device can only be implanted and removed by expert doctors. Women try to avoid hormonal treatments to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So, quite naturally the Paragard IUD device becomes an easily accessible option for them with longer effects.

Negative aspects

Paragard IUD through an effective solution also had its negative aspects too. Mainly these are the reasons that lead for a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the device.

  1. Several users have alleged that the device has too many complications to handle.
  1. Women across the nation have mentioned that the device gets broken or damaged during removal.
  1. The broken parts sometimes decline to move out from the body causing further damage. The injuries can become serious, if not taken care seriously and can lead to further complications for the women using the IUD.
  1. Some users have complained to have Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) using the device.
  1. Most of the women have agreed on the side effect such as heavy and longer period, pain during sex and allergic reactions in private parts.
  1. The menstrual cramps and infection in private parts complained by the previous user can lead a user to further fatal diseases or at least harm their uterus or create complications during pregnancy.
  1. Women lead to anemia and other side effects related to the condition.
  1. The device itself or the parts related to the body creating reaction in the body can cause damage to the woman’s body too.

All these incidents lead the women or their family to the Paragard Lawyer for consultation on the matter. After the consultation, you need to decide what to do ahead. You can take the suggestion from the lawyers and go ahead with the case if he/she suggests. Any manufacturer producing devices used for medical purposes don’t have the right to injure and affect the human body. They must take responsibility for the further complications. Otherwise, they should modify their products to get better results. They should take help from some experts in the field and with the complaint and feedback received can better the quality of the product. On the other hand, if the previous users want to take a legal path, they have to answer to the law and offer compensation.

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