Dedicated and Passionate Chinese teacher in Singapore

Are you looking for an efficient bilingual experienced Chinese tutor in Singapore?

You are in the right place. Jocelyn is an experienced Chinese teacher trained by the Ministry of Education. She is aware of the program of the Ministry of Education (MOE). Most importantly, she has worked as a freelance translator since university. Therefore, you can expect it to effectively support your research and provide you with the essential skills and knowledge you need for great exam results.


  • The teachers are familiar with Singapore’s learning environment. Therefore, they fully understand the difficulty of learning Chinese.
  • As a multicultural society, Singapore is considered to be an English-speaking environment. They rarely use Chinese in their daily life. Of course, many students struggle to master the Chinese language. For this reason, there is an experienced Chinese tutor in Singapore who will teach them skills that will help them achieve good exam results.
  • The price is reasonable too.

How can Jocelyn Chinese help you?

  • Jocelyn and her team in Singapore continue to develop resources to help students prepare for national exams.
  • Passionate and motivated by Chinese, our teachers refine your potential by participating in discussions and exercises.
  • Jocelyn makes sure that the team knows the latest curriculum so that the Chinese class can effectively integrate the students’ knowledge.

  • If you aim to take the H1 exam in O-Level Chinese, Advanced Chinese, or A-Level Chinese, you need Jocelyn’s Chinese course.
  • Experienced Singaporean Mandarin teachers teach jocelyn Mandarin Chinese.
  • Their testing-based program develops your writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills.

As per national guidelines, all courses will revert to a blended format (online or physics course). All students are strongly advised to stay online for the well-being of all. The capacity of these centres is limited. They will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with the latest news. Everyone is requested to pay attention to safety!