How Does A Fire Rated Door Prevent Accidents

Fire protection systems are advancing with each passing day, all across the world. The latest addition to this system is a firerated door. This is a simple door, used to separate two areas and prevent a fire in one, from spreading to another. These are not ordinary wooden doors that are merely heat resistant, but rather these doors are specially built of materials that are known to have higher than average heat resistance properties. A standard fire-rated door can stop a full-blown fire, for up to 120 minutes or 2 hours. They are also known as closures and are mandatory in some parts of the world like North Carolina.

What is the purpose of these fire doors?

It is very obvious, that the main purpose of these types of tools is safety. While a door that is fire rated, is not something you would find in ordinary houses, it is pretty common and even mandatory in public spaces and buildings, especially the ones that are at a risk for a fire hazard. A fire rated door becomes a crucial part of any building’s evacuation plan, during the time of a fire breakout. They allow for a safe exit of the trapped population and helps keep the flames contained

Every day new and drastic measure is developed to ensure maximum safety of people in times of distress. Ever since the invention of these doors, the number of casualties in fire accidents have gone down significantly proving that implementing thoughtful measures is actually beneficial.